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Task Cards: Parts of Speech–Nouns–Plural or Possessive



Each of the 30 cards in this set presents a sentence with a plural noun in parentheses.  The student’s task is to determine if the sentence needs a plural noun, a singular possessive noun, or a plural possessive noun.

This product requires a knowledge of basic and advanced shills in forming and understanding the difference between plural and possessive nouns.  It is designed for use as a review and skills reinforcement in 6th-8th grade and some high school classrooms.  It is not recommended for 4th or 5th graders.  It is not appropriate for the introduction of possessive nouns in 2nd and 3rd grades.
This product has 30 student cards, a student answer sheet, a cover card (which can be used as a container label), a student instruction card, and a resource pages that summarizes the skills covered.

Full answer keys are included.
This product is CCSS aligned.



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