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Word Works Downloads

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  • Bell Ringers and Brain Teasers for Young Scholars (Digital Download)


    This seventy-five page collection of original, challenging, fun brain teasers is designed with the young scholar in mind, but it appeals to adults as well. The material is especially suitable for gifted students.

    The thirty-two activity sets are 30 to 50 items each. Table of Contents topics include: Connections , Animal Talk, Words to Color, Categories, Velcro Words, Verbal Hors d’oeuvres, and a Fictionary.

    Full answer keys are included.

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  • Seasonal Brain Teasers and Vocabulary Builders for Young Scholars (Digital Download)


    Add spark to you classroom with this collection of cross-curricula seasonal brain teasers. Some double as vocabulary builders while others require research (looking up answers–no reports!) Students and adults alike get lost in the fun. Suitable for middle grades (4-8) and some high school classes.

    This product consists of 34 activities (one per week) of 20-35 items each and full ANSWER KEYS.

    Topics include We’re Back (2 sets), Help Wanted (2 sets), Body Parts (4 sets), Stuffed Words (5 sets),Anagram Express (5 sets), In First Place (4 sets), Hail to the Chief (3 sets), Straight from the Heart (1 set), The End of Ice (1 set), In Praise of Green (1 set), Scrambled Eggs (2 Sets) April Showers (1 set) Passing the Test (1 set), and Vacation Relation (2 sets).

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  • Brain Candy for Young Scholars (Digital Download)


    Brain Candy for Young Scholars is a ninety-four page collection of fun (and challenging) seasonal vocabulary builders, researchable trivia, and graphic organizers for writing. Choose from two or more activities each month, or use all of them. The activities are especially suitable for gifted programs in grades four through eight and for regular sixth through eighth-grade classrooms. View the sample pages for a better idea of content and difficulty level. For a complete lesson from Brain Candy, go to our Free Stuff page and download the June/July file in the Seasonal Group. View

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  • Nine Hundred and Ten Word Analogies for Young Scholars (Digital Download)


    This seventy-five page teaching resource contains thirty-five sets of analogies with twenty-six items each—that’s 910 opportunities for students to become more proficient in unlocking analogous relationships.

    While they are written according to standard analogy construction, these activities are middle-grade oriented, focusing on the knowledge and interests of this age group. Ten of the thirty-five sets pull from across the curriculum with such themes as “animals and plants” and “vehicles.” Items range in difficulty from basic to challenging.

    This product is intended for use with 4th through 8th graders, but some high school teachers have also found this material suitable for their students.

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  • Homophones: Here (Hear), There (Their, They’re) and Everywhere! (Digital Download)


    This eighty-six page resource covers thirty-one sets of commonly used (and misused!) homophones (sixty-six individual words).

    Each of the eight lessons, with a focus on one to five homophone groups, has four parts: a set of thirty-four sentences for teaching and/or guided student practice, a group of thirty-three items for homework, a series of twenty writing prompts that require application of the lesson’s homophones, and a thirty-three sentence test—for a total of 120 items per lesson.

    In addition to the eight lessons, this program contains six cumulative tests (fifty items each) and four graphic organizers for writing that require the use of a specified number of homophones. Full answer keys are included.


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