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Word Trek

Exclusive to Taking Grades


A Three-year Vocabulary/Spelling Program
Featuring Greek and Latin Base Words and Etymologies
For Gifted and Motivated Students.
Purchase as hard copy housed in specially designed canvas notebook. No shipping charges!
Or order an electronic download at a reduced price and instant delivery!SPECIAL NOTE: The option to purchase all three levels of Word Trek in separate six-lesson sets is available for those who would rather collect the full program over a period of time.
Suggested for use with
  Fourth Grade (Book One) 322 Pages
  Fifth Grade (Book Two) 298 Pages
  Sixth Grade (Book Three) 312 Pages
  Is also being used successfully in 6th-8th grades
All three grade levels have
  Thirty-six Lessons and
  Thirty-six Lesson Tests
Every 6th lesson is a Review with a Test
Lesson Activities include. . .
  Study of Featured Base Word(s)
  Base Word English Derivatives
  Word Usage
  Grammatical Forms and Usage
Also included. . .
  Suggested Research and Writing Topics
  Complete Answer Keys
  Reference Section
  with Writing Sample, Lesson Outlines,
  Lesson Word Definitions
Click HERE do download a Word Trek Title/Price list.
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School Purchase Orders accepted for both hard copy and electronic downloads.