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Informational Text for November: Pumpkins and a Thanksgiving Parade



In America, nothing says Thanksgiving and Halloween like pumpkins, and they are the first featured article in this November Informational Text Pack. Surprisingly, this common fruit (or is it a vegetable?) has some interesting facts in its history and in its present.

The giant balloons of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade are the focus of the second article. Since their beginning in 1926, the balloons have exploded, floated away, banged into lampposts, and poured water on spectators. The balloons have been naughty at times, but the parade wouldn’t be the same without them!

Pumpkin Surprises has 14 CCSS-aligned questions and Parade in the Sky has 15.
For teacher convenience, targeted CCSS skills are located in the answer keys rather than on the question page.
Full answer keys are provided.

View sample pages HERE.


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