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Christmas Carol: Vocabulary Study



Christmas Carol is loaded with perplexing vocabulary. There is no doubt whatsoever about that.  The goal of this product is to give students and teachers a resource that will demystify at least some of the difficult vocabulary and apply it to modern usage.

Christmas Carol Components include:
A alphabetized list of the 135 words chosen for study with page numbers.
Stave-by-stave word lists, in book order, with text-applicable definitions and their page locations.
Dictionary Digs: Designed for use before reading, this section is a series of 6 two-page printables that require the interpretive use of a dictionary and bring all 135 words into modern context.
Vocabulary in Context:  These pages take students back into the text, stave by stave,  where they must place the correct word in a story fact, a story quote, or a combination of the two.
Application:  These three activities apply Dickens’s vocabulary to modern meanings and sentence usage.
Full answer keys are included.

NOTE:  This is not part of the above product.  This is a separate purchase.

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