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Free Stuff


     This back-to-school brain teaser doubles as a vocabulary builder.
Students must interpret definitions and clues to identify words that contain the sound ooh, such as school rule, cool, and classroom. Answers to the first set of forty items are relatively common words, The more difficult second set requires the identification of less familiar words, such as boudoir, fondue, and elusive.
     A companion graphic organizer for writing presents an opportunity for each student to create (on paper) a “Marvelicious, Super Cool School” with his/her choice of transportation, hours, building, decor, rules, teachers, and curriculum–the makings of an attention-getting bulletin board. Six pages, including full answer keys.
Download this free item HERE.  (Use back arrow to exit free download.)


Occupation ID challenges students to study sets of 5 words and phrases that connect to a particular occupation and then make a correct identification. Each of the two parts is composed of 28 items. Answer keys are included. Six total pages counting cover.

This product was written and formatted with 6th-8th graders in mind, but some 4th and 5th graders might also approve.

Download HERE.  (Use back arrow to exit free download)


Phrases, titles, product names, and exaggerations constructed with numbers–we quote them, hear them, see them, but seldom stop to think how useful they are. In this brain teaser, they are the stars.

Treat your students to a view of our language from a different angle with this two-part download, 40 items each. Also included are full answer keys and a list of 50 additional number phrases that creative teachers and students may use as resources for another activity.

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Howl-o-ween Puns is mostly for fun, but learning is also an intended benefit in this free download. Students can check out the condition of their punnybones by reading Halloween-related riddles and spotting the pun in the collection of possible answers.

There are two different sets of riddles with 25 items each for students to sink their teeth into. For teachers, I have added an extra page of Halloween riddle-puns and a second page of anytime-puns that can be used to construct another lesson or two.

Full answer keys are included. Eight total pages counting cover page.

Download HERE    (Use the back arrow to exit your free download.)


How does one change “grim lips” into “pilgrims?” With anagrams, of course.
Thanksgiving Anagrams challenges students to rearrange the letters of some rather strange terms to create ordinary words and phrases associated with Thanksgiving.

This free download is organized into two activities with twenty-five items each. Full answer keys are provided.

Five pages of script plus cover page.

Download HERE  (Use back arrow to exit your free download.)

Gobbledygook, high-sounding language that confuses and amuses, is the subject of this fun Christmas activity. Students must wade through the verbal muck and identify the titles of twenty-six popular Christmas tunes–all written in extreme gobbledygook.
The activity is organized into two handouts–Set One with twelve titles and Set Two with fourteen. An introductory page for students explains the nature and origin of the term.The last page is a graphic organizer for writing a letter to Santa in gobbledygook.

Though some youngsters may be initially flabbergasted, do give this lively lesson a try. What better way to provide insight into the fun and the power of words?

Feedback indicates that this product is going over well at adult Christmas parties, family gatherings, and in teachers’ lounges. After all, why should our students have all the fun?

Download HERE.  (Use back arrow to exit your free download.)

PUNS FROM THE NORTH–SANTA TAKES THE POLE POSITION is a giggle-powered collection of riddle puns about Santa and his life at the North Pole. Youngsters will enjoy revving up their punnybones to go searching for each riddle’s pun-filled answer from a choice of four possible responses.

This activity has two parts with twenty items each.

Full answer keys included. Eight pages including the cover and links to other items.

Download HERE  ( Use back arrow to exit your free download.)


This free Christmas download takes inspiration from the popular wheel-spinning TV show. Solving these puzzles, however, does not involve losing a turn or going bankrupt!
This activity is presented in two parts with 15 items each, all of which are based on a well known holiday song, story, character, or author. Students must use the given clues and insert the three missing letters in the correct blanks in order to solve the puzzle. Prize delivery is delegated to Santa (aka The Teacher).
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This free item is for Seek-A-Word enthusiasts of any age. Go on a search for 55 different holiday-related names, words, and phrases all hidden in one puzzle! Not for the faint of heart.
Download HERE, enjoy, and share!  ( Use back arrow to exit your free download.)


A fun I Have. . . Who Has. . . game featuring Christmas puns with special appeal to sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. Adults could also have a great time with these 28 cards at a holiday gathering.

Download HERE, enjoy, and share!   (Use back arrow to exit free download.)