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language arts

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  • Task Cards: Parts of Speech–Types of Nouns (CCSS Aligned)


    Each of the 30 cards in this set presents a sentence with an underlined word.  Students are challenged to identify two correct classifications for the word from a set of four possible answers.

    These cards are designed for use by 6th, 7th, and 8th graders as a review and new skills reinforcement.  They are not appropriate for students just beginning to study nouns.  Users must have a working knowledge of common and proper, singular and plural, possessive, collective, concrete and abstract.

    This download has 30 student cards, a student answer sheet, a cover card (which can be used as a container label), a student instruction card, and a resource page that summarizes the skills covered.

    Full answer keys are included.
    This product is CCSS aligned.

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  • Task Cards: Spelling (Grades 4-5)


    Each of the 20 task cards in this set contains a sentence with three or more bold-print words.  One of the words is misspelled.  Students are challenged to identify the word, and then write its correct spelling on the answer sheet provided.  Another unexpected misspelling is located on one of the cards.
    The cards feature a total of 75 different words that were chosen from various often-misspelled word lists, 4th-5th grade level spelling lists, and terms likely to be encountered across the curriculum.
    In addition to their role as task cards, these items can work as bell ringers.  They also provide students with a chance to sharpen their proofreading skills.
    A cover card, student instruction card, and answer sheet are printed on the next-to-last page.
    Answer keys are on the last page along with clipart credits.

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