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Old Yeller

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  • Old Yeller: A Teaching Guide (Digital Download)


    Old Yeller by Fred Gipson

    Old Yeller: A Teaching Guide is a forty-five page resource for teaching Fred Gipson’s 1957 Newbery Honor Book with two components.

    Old Yeller: A Teaching Guide components

    First is a series of OBJECTIVE TESTS that check for basic comprehension. The quizzes cover the novel chapter-by-chapter and as a whole book test. Students will find it necessary to read the material carefully and thoroughly for FACTUAL CONTENT in order to score well on these tests.
    The second section SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT/SOMETHING TO WRITE ABOUT is a series of open-ended questions and activity prompts based on the higher-level thinking skills of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Some items address individual chapter events while others are whole-book in nature.
    Objective tests answer keys are included

    View SAMPLE PAGES  (Use back arrow to exit sample pages.)

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Old Yeller: A Teaching Guide contains the Whole Book Test offered below as a separate purchase. Please do not unintentionally duplicate your order.

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  • Old Yeller: Whole Book Test (Digital Download)


    Old Yeller: Whole Book Test is a fifty-question multiple choice quiz covers the whole book and checks for basic, FACTUAL comprehension.

    Full answer keys are included

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