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No Prep Language Arts Resources for Your Lesson Plans. . .

Novel Teaching Guides

 Reading Resources with Quizzes, Vocabulary, Writing, Thinking Skills, and More 

 More than 80 Available Titles for 4th-8th Grade

Informational Texts

Seasonal and General Topic Articles

(with CCSS-aligned questions)

Task Cards

Spelling, Vocabulary, Grammar, Word Usage,

Novel Study, Punctuation

Language Arts Lessons

Figurative Language, Vocabulary,

Word Usage

The Word Works Series
Take your pick from our books of
Bell Ringers/Brain Teasers
other Language Arts materials.
Word Trek
From Taking Grades only,
Advanced Vocabulary Program
Gifted Students
Greek and Latin Base Words
and Etymologies.
Three Books
Three Levels
Three Full Years of Study

Free Stuff

Informational Texts, Vocabulary, Seasonal Bell Ringers

and Warm Ups, Brain Teasers

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