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Word Trek: Book Two (Digital Download)


Product Description

This FULL YEAR vocabulary/spelling program (thirty-six lessons with companion tests and keys. 296 total pages) features the study of GREEK AND LATIN AFFIXES AND BASE WORDS with ETYMOLOGIES. Lessons are organized in groups of six, with the last lesson in each pack being a review of the previous five.

Each lesson is constructed around one or more Greek and Latin base words and a set of TEN ADVANCED VOCABULARY WORDS, several of which are derived from the targeted base word(s). The study begins with definitions and progresses to usage, base word study, etymologies, and related vocabulary not on the core lesson list. Every lesson has a companion, twenty-five item test. Research and writing ideas and word lists with definitions are also included.

Word Trek Book Two, the second in a series of three books, is designed to be used with GIFTED FIFTH GRADERS However, it is also appropriate for motivated sixth/seventh graders. Teacher discretion is the most reliable resource in determining grade level.

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