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Where the Red Fern Grows Whole Book Tests (Objective and CCSS Aligned)



Where the Red Fern Grows Whole Book Tests

This teaching resource for Wilson Rawls’s classic novel has two different types of whole book tests.

The 50-question multiple choice test (4 possible answers) is strictly fact-based. Students must have full knowledge of the story’s plot, events, and characters in order to do well on this quiz.

The 20-question CCSS/Standards-Based test The 20 question test requires students to engage in higher-level thinking skills and apply their knowledge of story facts. This quiz ends with an analytical, interpretive writing prompt.

Full Answer Keys are included. Targeted CCSS skills are listed here rather than on student pages.

Special Note:  These tests are included in the full Novel Teaching Guide and in the Objective Test/CCSS Quizzes listed above.  Please do not duplicate your order.


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