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Touching Spirit Bear: Prereading, Vocabulary, Short Answer Question


Touching Spirit Bear: ¬†Prereading, Vocabulary, Short Answer Question is a 39 page resource for teaching Ben Mikaelsen’s popular novel with¬†three different components.

The PREREADING items include a graphic organizer for writing, group discussion/research questions, and a bulletin board idea. This section aligns with various CCSS ELA skills.

The VOCABULARY portion begins with an alphabetized list of the one hundred eleven words chosen for study. Next are convenient book-order word lists with definitions and page numbers. The accompanying dictionary activities, designed for use BEFORE reading, cover the book in chapter sequence. The other word usage activities may be used before or during reading. A study of FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE lifted from the story is also included in this section.

The chapter-by-chapter SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS (10 items per set) require detailed FACTUAL responses. They are suitable for home-assigned reading guides, small group or whole class assignments, conferencing tools, pop quizzes, or individual assessment.

This teaching pack comes with FULL ANSWER KEYS, including short answer questions.