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Informational Text Pack for April: Frogs and Kites



In the U.S., April is both National Frog Month and National Kite Month. Thus, the unlikely duo of frogs and kites is the subject of this Informational Text Pack.

“Frog Background Check” takes students into the world of frogs and highlights some of their most unusual talents and habits, such as shedding and eating their own skins. Though written to appeal to a student’s sense of humor, this text’s goal of instilling an appreciation for these little critters is 100% serious.

Generally thought of as no more than a toy, kites take center stage in “Go Fly a Kite.” This article features a brief history of kites and how they have been a vital factor in several important human accomplishments.

Each text is accompanied with a variety of 15 CCSS aligned questions.

Full answer keys included. (CCSS skills are listed here, not in the questions.)

View Sample Pages HERE:



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