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Informational Texts for Interactive Notebook. Task Cards, Literacy Center Discount Bundle (Main Idea)


Product Description

Informational Texts about Animals

The 12 informational articles in “Things I Didn’t Know About Animals” are designed to help students grasp the concept of main idea and spot supporting details. The texts are short, compact, and filled with unusual and interesting facts to motivate young readers.

To give teachers multiple use options, this material is posted in a zip file in two different formats.

Informational Text Task Card Format:

  • The Task Card/Literacy Center format is a single, full-page presentation with the article on the left and a set of 3-5 questions on the right. In addition to main idea and supporting details the questions also address sequencing, cause and effect, inference, and using context clues to determine word meaning. Answer forms are included. This format can be used as a whole class lesson.

Informational Text Interactive Notebook Format:

  • The Interactive Notebook version includes the same set of 12 informational texts and questions, both resized and reformatted for the right side of the notebook as a flip two-layer page. Two additional response forms, also in flip-page style, are provided for the left side. Teachers may choose to use the prepared forms, or allow students to create their own response designs

Full answer keys are included.

These pages are appropriate for 4th-6th grade classrooms and some 7th and 8th grade students. Motivated 3rd graders will also enjoy these articles.

View Sample Pages of both formats HERE

The two different formats for these texts can be purchased separately at $5 each.  This bundled zip file offers a savings of $2.


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