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Informational Text Pack for January: Drinking Straw Day


Product Description

This Informational Text Pack celebrates Drinking Straw Day.  Yes!  No kidding!
Though not an official, Congressionally sanctioned, national celebration, January 3 is set aside as Drinking Straw Day—a time to acknowledge the importance of this little necessity.  It also commemorates Marvin Stone’s patent for the world’s first paper drinking straw, which was granted by the U. S. Patent Office on January 3, 1888.
Get your students in the Drinking-Straw celebration mode with the three articles in this file:
(1)  “Drinking Straw Day” chronicles the rather surprising history of the drinking straw with a focus on  the two inventions that brought it to its modern form.  This article has 15 CCSS Aligned  questions.

(2)   “Addendum 1:  Patent No. 375,962″ presents the original diagram drawing and specifications included in Marvin Stone’s paper straw patent from 1888.  The 10 companion CCSS aligned questions require students to study both the diagram and the specifications.  Several questions refer to information in “Drinking Straw Day.”

(3)  “Patent No. 2,094,286″ includes the original diagram drawing and specifications from Joseph Friedman’s flexible straw patent in 1937.  The 10 CCSS aligned questions for this document refer to the diagram, the specifications, and information from the other two documents.
A set of “Drinking Straw Facts” and another group of “Facts about Patents” are included as a little something extra that teachers and students can use as they see fit.

18 pages of script.  20 total pages including cover and Credits.
Full Answer Keys are included.  (Specific CCSS are listed here, and not in the questions themselves)
Download the preview pages HERE.    (Use the back arrow to return to this page.)


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