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I Have, Who Has. . . Fictional Couples Game for Valentine’s Day


Product Description

From Mickey and Minnie Mouse to Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark, the literary world offers a variety of couples whose stories mirror the romantic ups and downs of the real world.
This I Have. . Who Has. . . game features 28 couples on 28 playing cards. Some, like Mickey and Minnie, live in the land of cartoons. Others are imaginative renditions of people with strange quirks, including the likes of Herman and Lily Munster. Romeo and Juliet are among the choice few who earn a special place in our hearts as timeless examples of true love.
This selection of love-struck characters will have particular appeal to middle school students (5th-8th)  Use this game to give their Valentine’s Day a little extra luster, even if it is based in fiction. They will be right at home!
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