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Five Question Story Writing


Product Description

Five Question Story Writing is a pack of 20 story ideas with an action cartoon as the point of inspiration. Each activity comes with an accompanying set of 5 questions that, when combined with the featured cartoon, will assist students in constructing a story plot. An organizing page and lined pages for writing the final draft are included.These activities challenged students to (1) create and solve a simple story problem, (2) structure the story with a beginning, middle, and end, (3) show cause and effect, (4) include sequencing words, and (5) use forceful verbs.
A grading rubric that addresses these elements is included.

This product is designed for 4th-6th graders who like to write stories but struggle for inspiration. Some 7th and 8th grade aspiring authors will also enjoy using this material.

 44 total pages including cover and introduction/instruction.
View SAMPLE PAGES.  (Use back arrow to exit sample pages.)