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Touching Spirit Bear

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    Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen

    Touching Spirit Bear Teaching Guide is a 148 page resource with eight different components for teaching Ben Mikaelsen’s popular novel. Though CCSS alignments are not listed in this file, the various activities meet a large portion of ELA skills requirements for grades 6-8.

    Touching Spirit Bear Teaching Guide components:

    •Detailed CHAPTER SUMMARIES written in bulleted format.
    •PREREADING activities and ideas with a bulletin board suggestion.
    •VOCABULARY with word lists, definitions, dictionary activities, and worksheets.
    •Chapter-by-chapter SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS that require detailed, factual responses,
    •A series of OBJECTIVE TESTS that cover the novel as chapter-by-chapter quizzes and as a whole book test and check for basic story comprehension.
    •THINK, WRITE, CREATE open-ended prompts, both chapter-by-chapter and whole book, that require students to engage HIGHER LEVEL THINKING SKILLS.
    •GRAPHIC ORGANIZERS for writing based on specific novel events or characters.
    •Full ANSWER KEYS for those items requiring a specific answer are included.

    View SAMPLE PAGES. (Use the back arrow to exit the sample pages.)

    IMPORTANT NOTE:  Each of the items below are separate components taken from Touching Spirit Bear Teaching GuideThey are offered as individual purchases for teachers who wish to use only one specific component.  Please do not unintentionally duplicate your order.

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    Touching Spirit Bear Chapter Summaries and Objective Tests

    Touching Spirit Bear Chapter Summaries and Objective Tests is a 64-page resource with two components for teaching Ben Mikaelsen’s popular novel.

    The Chapter Summaries, in bulleted format, provide quick memory refreshers when teaching Touching Spirit Bear from year to year.

    The OBJECTIVE TESTS cover the novel chapter-by-chapter and as a whole book test, These quizzes DO NOT REQUIRE STORY INTERPRETATION, but rather check for basic story comprehension and require students to read Touching Spirit Bear carefully and thoroughly for FACTUAL CONTENT.Full ANSWER KEYS are included.



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    Touching Spirit Bear:  Prereading, Vocabulary, Short Answer Question is a 39 page resource for teaching Ben Mikaelsen’s popular novel with three different components.

    The PREREADING items include a graphic organizer for writing, group discussion/research questions, and a bulletin board idea. This section aligns with various CCSS ELA skills.

    The VOCABULARY portion begins with an alphabetized list of the one hundred eleven words chosen for study. Next are convenient book-order word lists with definitions and page numbers. The accompanying dictionary activities, designed for use BEFORE reading, cover the book in chapter sequence. The other word usage activities may be used before or during reading. A study of FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE lifted from the story is also included in this section.

    The chapter-by-chapter SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS (10 items per set) require detailed FACTUAL responses. They are suitable for home-assigned reading guides, small group or whole class assignments, conferencing tools, pop quizzes, or individual assessment.

    This teaching pack comes with FULL ANSWER KEYS, including short answer questions.


    Touching Spirit Bear:  Think, Write, Create Activities with Graphic Organizers is a forty-seven resource for teaching Ben Mikaelsen’s popular novel with two components.

    The THINK, WRITE, CREATE section offers a series of open-ended activities based on the higher level thinking skills of Bloom’s Taxonomy. The items are organized as a section of chapter-by-chapter activities and a second group of whole-book, post-reading challenges. Difficulty levels are varied to accommodate the needs of individual students including the gifted. Elements of literature and vocabulary building are targeted in many of these activities.

    Answer keys for those items requiring a specific answer are included.

    The second component is a group of 14 GRAPHIC ORGANIZERS that spring from a specific story event, idea, character, or element of literature illustrated in the story. Each topic offers opportunity for improving and polishing composition skills.

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    Touching Spirit Bear:  Vocabulary Study is a twenty-five page resource begins with an alphabetical listing of one hundred eleven vocabulary words taken from the full novel text along with their page number(s).

    Next is a series of chapter-by-chapter word lists with definitions that present the targeted vocabulary words in story order and identify their location by page number. Each word list is coupled with companion student worksheets that require interpretive use of a dictionary. These pages are designed to be used BEFORE reading so that students will have knowledge of the words when they encounter them again in story context.

    Further activities include word usage, word analysis, and a study of FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE lifted from the story. These handouts may be assigned BEFORE or DURING the reading process.

    Full answer keys are included.

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    Touching Spirit Bear:  Short Answer Questions is a series of short answer questions covers the book in one to three chapter sets of ten items each. The questions encourage careful reading for FACTUAL RESPONSES. They do NOT address story interpretation, reader opinion, or elements of literature.


    Full answer keys included.



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    Touching Spirit Beat: Whole Book Test is a whole book test for Ben Mikaelsen’s popular novel is a set of fifty multiple choice questions. Students will find it necessary to read the book thoroughly and carefully in order to score well on this quiz, which requires FACTUAL KNOWLEDGE of the novel’s plot, events, characters, etc.FULL ANSWER KEYS are included.
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