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Novel Teaching Packs with Quizzes, Vocabulary, Writing, Thinking Skills  
More than 80 Available Titles for 4th-8th Grade
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Giant Teaching Packs with
Chapter Summaries
Before-you-read Activities and Ideas
Short Answer Questions
Objective Tests
Think, Write, Create Activities
Graphic Organizers for Writing
Answer Keys

Expanded Teaching Packs with
Objective Tests
Thinking and Writing Prompts
Answer Keys
Some expanded packs also have
Chapter Summaries
Short Answer Questions
Graphic Organizers for Writing
Standard Teaching Packs with
Objective Tests and Answer Keys
The Word Works Series
Take your pick from our books of
Bell Ringers/Brain Teasers
other Language Arts materials.
Word Trek
From Taking Grades only,
Advanced Vocabulary Program
Gifted Students
Greek and Latin Base Words
and Etymologies.
Three Books
Three Levels
Three Full Years of Study



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