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Christmas Song Titles on Gobbledygook

Gobbledygook, high-sounding language that confuses and amuses, is the subject of this fun Christmas activity. Students must wade through the verbal muck and identify the titles of twenty-six popular Christmas tunes–all written in extreme gobbledygook.
The activity is organized into two handouts–Set One with twelve titles and Set Two with fourteen. An introductory page for students explains the nature and origin of the term.The last page is a graphic organizer for writing a letter to Santa in gobbledygook.

Though some youngsters may be initially flabbergasted, do give this lively lesson a try. What better way to provide insight into the fun and the power of words?

Feedback indicates that this product is going over well at adult Christmas parties, family gatherings, and in teachers’ lounges. After all, why should our students have all the fun?

Download HERE.  (Use back arrow to exit your free download.)